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Get the most out of AWS products in your company.

We have the necessary experience to make a difference in your company with Amazon Web Services. We partner with AWS Consulting, focusing on SAP implementation in Chile, and we are 100% committed to the program, continuously moving forward in our competences.

The real evolution towards cost savings, innovation, and efficiency in your company, is just one decision away.

Cloud Adoption

Migrate your business while your servers remain in place.

Move a step forward and benefit from all that the Cloud has to offer.
The real transformation waits in Cloud migration. It could seem intimidating, but we’ll be there to make sure that your objectives are fully accomplished, according to each one of your company’s needs.

Application Modernization

Let your business grow by updating your applications.

There’s a whole generation of modern applications that can benefit from Cloud-based technologies through the use of non-server platforms or containers.

SAP Migration & Operations

Propel new efficiency and innovation levels.

Execute your SAP applications in AWS. Whether it is a simple update or part of a broader digital transformation, you can count on AWS’ unparalleled experience of executing SAP in the Cloud.

Data & Analytics

Put your company’s data to work for you.

We help our customers to organize and structure data in a clear fashion, so they can access actionable knowledge and take decisions that make their businesses grow.

Managed Cloud Operations

Cloud migration is not the end of the journey.

Operating in the Cloud requires a new way of thinking, as well as new tools and abilities. We fully understand that at CJG, and that’s why we offer you access to a highly qualified professional team that can guide you before, during and after your transition.

Professional Services on Demand

We are always there for your needs.

Use this recurring monthly service and let our team of qualified professionals help you build, migrate, and optimize AWS production environments, keeping them active and healthy.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize your costs in the Cloud to maximize investment return.

Cloud computing demands a new approach to monitoring and ongoing analysis, in order to keep operational costs low and fully benefit from Cloud resources.
A thorough follow-up of the resources that you’re investing on allows to identify ill-managed resources, eliminate residuals, save capacity for bigger discounts, and to have a clear dimension of the computing services at scale.

AI & Machine Learning

Build on your data to speed up the decision-making process.

In every line of industry, organizations are looking for ways to benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning. You’ll make excellent use of the innovation opportunities that the Cloud has to offer for your projects.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud is the new standard.

With that in mind, the development of specific apps for the web is essential in present times.
Going Cloud is also about overcoming the limitations that servers pose for apps and thinking about design and architecture in a brand-new way. Take full advantage of all the Cloud potentialities with native apps.

IOT Devices

IOT is the future. And it is coming on strong.

Connected products, new sources of income, improved experiences for your company, partners, and costumers.
Applications that provide intelligence in real time, enhanced by the Cloud. Precise and relevant information at your fingertips, essential for taking the best decisions that propel the evolution of your company. Improve and optimize your operations. Let´s talk big. Let´s work at a high scale.


Amazon RDS & Databases

A wide selection of custom-made databases for all your applications needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Benefit from your data to speed up your decision-making process.

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora can solve the challenges posed by databases that weren´t specifically designed for the Cloud.

Amazon Workspaces

A simple, safe, and cost-effective desktop experience at a global scale.

Amazon CloudFront

The global content delivery network service by Amazon (CDN). Speed and efficiency.

Data Analytics

Create Big Data architectures.


Discover what you need to successfully plan and implement DevOps in your company.

Disaster Recovery

Internal compliance, disaster recovery, and operations continuity in the Cloud.


Upload all your workloads to the Cloud with AWS.

Public Sector

We help the public sector to understand the Cloud as the new standard.

Security and Compliance

Escalate and innovate in the Cloud, in a safe environment.

Storage Solutions

Secure your data in the Cloud with AWS.

VMWare on AWS

VMWare Cloud in AWS opens the doors to the Cloud.

Well Architected Framework

Build your AWS foundations with the best practices in the Cloud.

Microsoft on AWS

Execute .net applications and Windows workloads on AWS.


Make your daily life smarter and create new opportunities towards the future.

Microsoft Workloads

Migrate, extend, or develop Microsoft- based solutions towards the Cloud or in the Cloud.

Management Tools

Total control for your environment in the Cloud with AWS management tools.