AWS Systems Manager

Remediate and Automate your AWS Operations

¿What is AWS Systems Manager?

AWS Systems Manager gives you visibility and control of your infrastructure on AWS. Systems Manager provides a unified user interface so you can view operational data from multiple AWS services and allows you to automate operational tasks across your AWS resources. With Systems Manager, you can group resources, like Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, or Amazon RDS instances, by application, view operational data for monitoring and troubleshooting, and take action on your groups of resources.


Easy to use Automation
AWS Systems Manager enables you to automate operational tasks to help make your teams more efficient. With automated playbooks along with rich text descriptions, you can reduce human error and simplify maintenance and deployment tasks on AWS resources. You can use predefined automation playbooks or build your own to share for common operational tasks such as stopping and restarting an EC2 instance. Systems Manager also has built-in safety controls, allowing you to incrementally roll out new changes and automatically halt the roll-out if errors occur.

Maintain Security and Compliance

AWS Systems Manager helps maintain security and compliance by scanning your instances against your patch, configuration, and custom policies. You can define patch baselines, maintain up-to-date anti-virus definitions, and enforce firewall policies. You can also remotely manage your servers at scale without manually logging in to each server. Systems Manager also provides a centralized store to manage your configuration data, whether its plain text, such as database strings, or secrets, such as passwords. This allows you to separate your secrets and configuration data from code.

Improve Visibility and Control

AWS Systems Manager helps you easily understand and control the current state of your resource groups. With Systems Manager, you can view detailed system configurations, operating system patch levels, software installations, application configurations, and other details about your environment through the Systems Manager Explorer and Inventory dashboards. Systems Manager is integrated with AWS Config so you can easily view changes across your resources as they occur over time.

Why CJG Consultores?

Automation Experts

We provide automation services for all our cloud consultancy engagements.
Our AWS Systems Manager expertise is demonstrated on our Managed Services offering by implementing 10+ automated remediation actions

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Since 2018, CJG Consultores is part of an exclusive group of AWS Consulting Partners, adhering to best practices and providing AWS customers with the best quality of services, not only with consulting but Managed Services and Training

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